Affecting the Weather 🌧️✨

Affecting the Weather 🌧️✨

Welcome to reality.

Believe me when I tell you that you are indeed in control of what you experience.

What? Make it make sense right?

Ok well there are factors that manifest on the path that are sometimes out of our control but you hold control in your ability to shift your perspective.

Today, in my part of the world it is raining. Society confirms that rainy days lead to a feeling of lethargy. Why? This is because rain can cause us to rearrange plans and feel complacent as we are confined to an alternate route.

That’s what rain means in the 3D physical reality but let me share with you what rain means spiritually over here at

Rain is a showering of water drops from the sky. In many circumestances we witness water associated with a form of purification. Within the Christian faith when a vessel is ready to begin anew in mind,body, and soul they are baptized in the water to represent the awakening into the newest beginning. 

Within our sacral chakra which holds our emotions when we are feeling emotional it is by drinking water we are able to successfully dilute the emotions and find clarity again✨ 

Keep this in mind and now align with this new mindset whenever you are blessed with rain on your path. 

Yes, allow the rain to give you permission to take things a little slow if that’s something you feel within your body as well. The rain has showed up on your path to alert you that now all the work you have done is resulting in a showering of blessings. You’ve been working so hard and now the rain has intervened to serve you the rest you are worthy of. 

In this time it become the perfect time to indulge in the present moment of BEing💫

Essentially in this perspective you were always the cloud. On the journey moving so effortlessly even in times you didn’t feel so. Taking on the different energies in the form of challenges to build resiliency. Everything that was sent to strengthen you allowed you to evaporate it from its body of water and hold it within your Source as you continuously evolve. Through Law of Reciprocity every great feel you have done will not go in vain.

Eventually the space you have been holding for others and yourself was ready to expand even more and that’s why to make way for the next level that naturally aligning its due for you to be paid out for your past hard work and dedication to the purpose.

Here’s a TikTok that has a great visual:  

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