New Beginnings : Navigating with the Signs💫

New Beginnings : Navigating with the Signs💫

New beginnings is a term used very often if one seeks to evolve on this journey of life. After seeing the same message throughout the season and every other day how can one ensure that the beginning they embark on is the one?

Truth is, one can’t. Life is an infinite pool of possibilities and on every course of the path a new beginning is presented as one makes the bold decision to step forward.

I’m Ti3rc3, the holistic artist here at Informal Matters 777 and let me express what I have acquired on this journey thus far:

How did such synchronicity arrive for you promising new beginnings? Did you look for it? Did you hope for it? Did you just happen to stumble across it?

When exerting mindfulness it requires intervention within the mind, body, and soul and aligning it to the energy of the universe to create the reality of your dreams that will serve you while also serving others - promoting harmony.

When determining your strategy on how to move  forward those initial thoughts and questions of your “why” is now beginning to shape your reality. Now you are seeing indications that you are being judged towards new beginnings. You see the signs and immediately begin to have a sigh of release because now you feel all your doubts will now disappear as the universe “gets you”. 

Listen, at times those feelings of doubts may not leave so easily.

When stepping out of your comfort zone into new beginnings there’s two energies meeting at the soul level to jumpstart in alignment with the universe. You are always familiar with the loudest one- the one you have come to know for most of your journey and it is only about now that a new energy is revealing itself. This is the Self within you that has always existed but never had the opportunity to drive the vessel of the soul yet.

This version of the Self has great ideas and wants to make the bold steps that exist in unknown territory but it’s the lack of familiarity that allows the doubt to overrule the path.

The frequency of entertaining the reality of limits encourages the higher version of Self to send reminders  of “new beginnings” on the path.

These synchronicities will continue to serve until the message is truly received within.

What am I trying to say?

At this point of the journey if you are concerned with when your new beginnings will actively begin than that is an indication that it is time to shift your alignment with the higher Self within (Source).

Use this opportunity to reflect and redirect your attention from the synchronicities on the path and allow the Self to focus on the present moment.

The present moment is where we hold the most POWER to harness our energy into transforming into who we desire. When we think to far in the past that can lead to depression. When we think to far ahead that can lead to anxiety. When we are in the NOW we are actively and consciously creating that new beginning. 

So take my advice and enjoy a deep breath intake and hold it for 3 seconds as you replenish the energy within your body and breath out through your nostrils releasing all the stagnation that keeps you from being present in your newest beginning. The key is to stop looking for the signs and just embark it✨

Trust in your Self.

Until next alignment I am Ti3rc3 - no “e’s” only “3’s” for alignment💫

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