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Blessed Blossom✨Candle

Blessed Blossom✨Candle

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The Blessed Blossom candle is a delight to incorporate healing energies into your safe space. In this journey, we all endure quite a bit and there comes a time when we feel the need to experience an energetic purge to make space for all that we truly desire and serve our highest benefit.

Crafted with a protective base that includes tea tree and eucalyptus it serves the purpose of releasing what no longer positively serves. The Blessed Blossom candle has been created with the intention of bringing protection as you blossom into your greatest experience on your journey so far!

 A soy-based candle, enjoy this energy in its natural element along with aromatherapeutic influences which include notes of ylang-ylang, bergamot lime, orange, and lemongrass. 

Whereas the sun governs the masculine energy- movement and "doing, the moon governs the feminine energy- emotions and spirituality. The candles available in this batch have charged throughout two lunar cycles. This includes the Pink Moon and Flower Moon. *Details are provided below:

Pink Moon- this moon appears at the beginning of Spring. After being in the energy of winter and experiencing closures this moon brings confidence that a new dawn is awakening.

Flower Moon- delightfully this moon is also on the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse! This moon brings the magick of flowers blossoming. It brings the energy of new life, passion, and rebirth.

The Blessed Blossom will bring the energy of self-acceptance. To love yourself deep within and all parts collectively. A limited supply have been made with green aventurine crystals which allows the opening of the heart chakra to experience heightened creativity, good luck, and prosperity.

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