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Informal Matters 777

Mind.Body.Soul Tarot Deck

Mind.Body.Soul Tarot Deck

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At Informal Matters 777 we enjoy collective readings with our personalized tarot deck that we gladly share on Youtube for you to align with.

However, if you are ready to develop a more intimate relationship with tarot we invite you to pre-order your personal mind, body, and soul deck today.

Designed with an emphasis on the mind, body, and soul our tarot deck includes a guidebook and breaks down the numerical significance of each subject of mind, body, and soul. Enjoy this journey of life but allow the insight of our cards to bring clarity and/or confirmation that you seek on your given path.

Expand your spirituality even more and allow your intuition to awaken as you connect even more with Source.

Pre-Order is now available for our February shipment, secure yours today!

Check out our channel today to feel out this deck:

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