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Informal Matters 777

The Self Healer

The Self Healer

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Top of the day to you. Sending you vibrations of love and self-healing!

The Self Healer is the piece that will assist you in grounding the love you have for yourself. At times we may encounter connections and though it brings our heart joy, it is when detachment follows that we can experience pain and other feelings not positively serving.

But let's transmute that energy in our highest favor. This becomes the time for you to transform into your power and to amplify this energy it's a great benefit to practice self-love.

Crafted with pink tourmaline, picture jasper, and white jade at Informal Matters 777 we made this beautiful piece to bring clarity to your mind allowing you the space to focus solely on you as your energy fields experience a purification as well as releasing the stagnant energy that holds you back from your highest self.

When aligned with the higher self, the larger perspective is deciphered and we are able to release from attachments with ease.

You got this, keep your head held high and heal on!

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