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Informal Matters 777

Tamed Dragon

Tamed Dragon

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The dragon is known for its mystical qualities. Talk about magick. This being has the ability to breathe fire and yet does not harm itself in the process.

That same fire is within us all and it presents itself in the form of our passions. What are you passionate about? Crafted with dragon blood jasper the energy on the Tamed Dragon allows you to rise in resilience as you go for what calls you in this life. Even when challenges arrive, you will experience quick adaptability and embody integrity and honor as you evolve along your path. 

The dragon is a beautiful fierce creature, but the balance will be maintained here at IM777. White jade accompanies this piece to ensure that during your journey your aura is able to constantly cleanse and purify itself so you may experience more of what positively serves you.

Made with crystals 10mm in size the Tamed Dragon comes with big energy because that's the energy being called.

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