Come as you are, this matter is informal✨

It's time to bring the metaphysical to the physical. At Informal Matters 777 we welcome the best version of our inner Selves. You were given a dream, and surely the vision was not given for you not to experience it. Allow our spiritual tools and services to assist you in discovering what it is that truly resonates with you. Founded by our Holistic Artist Ti3rc3, our team is committed to providing the highest vibrations to assist you on your journey. 

🔮Tools for the life of Spirituality✨

We are expanding the metaphysical tools we offer at IM777 and are happy to announce that candles are now available! Curated with the energy of the moon to ensure a heightened transformation in energy. Check it out now!


✨Get Personal Guidance✨

💫With alignment, sometimes ONE may prefer more hands-on then what our crystal tools can afford. That is completely fine! With the mastery of Reiki and other spiritual successes, Ti3rc3 is more than capable of aiding a vessel in one-on-one alignment.

Gracefully, this alignment is available to you online via booking. For 15 minutes get the information you want to bring you the clarity to continue pushing forward on your journey✨

📿Crystal Jewelry✨

🛋️Affirmative Decor✨


Exploring your spirituality goes beyond having physical tools. Strengthening your knowledge is just as powerful. At IM777 we offer courses and e-books to bring enlightenment on your journey also.

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Where you are in this very moment is a blessing

  • In the Now

    Recollecting the past encourages depression. Thinking too far ahead aids in anxiety. Being in the present moment allows us to be in control.

  • Forgive & Release

    Energy has no limits, but it can hinder a flow if mindfulness is neglected.

  • Love from the Core

    Believe it or not there is a unique gift/talent that has been bestowed specifically upon you. Access that gift and love will always flow abundantly.

  • This matter is informal✨


Created for your empowerment


Truth. Self-Love. Alignment

  • High Vibrational Healing

    Informal Matters 777 was found on behalf of Reiki Master Ti3rc3. It is true that there are countless ways one can heal but positivity will always be the key ingredient!

  • To Journey is to be Worthy

    At Informal Matters 777 we believe everyone has a unique purpose to offer in their world and we have made it our mission to provide you with the products and services that will help elevate your journey. When the mind, body, and soul is aligned it brings with it a clarity that allows one to embody mindfulness.

Heal from Within

Chakras are the energy fields within us all. There are many and each serve a unique purpose. When we learn to master and become mindful of of the state of the energy within us we become connected to a reality we intentionally wish to experience.

At IM777 we created a Masterclass that allows you to learn about each chakra. Modules are created to assist you in healing your very own chakras that will allow you to experience an alignment that brings healing benefits to your journey.

After joining our Masterclass you’ll receive a download of all modules and supporting documentations for you to enjoy on your journey. To join today click here and you’ll be redirected to our e-learning platform.