Another Year Around the Sun..

Top of the day and Highest Vibrations!

In my part of the world it is getting chilly outside as we are now in Winter mode, or at least developing. As someone born in the winter I definitely enjoy the season but as I get older I also OVERSTAND the spiritual significance it brings as well.

During this time whether you are aware of what's taking place around you the best thing to know is that a closure is taking place. Now I know, with closures it can seem devastating from the ego's perspective but keep in my with each closure now constitutes a new beginning.

What lessons have you learned this year? Yes it may not have been a smooth learning process in the classroom of life but you indeed learned the lessons that the Universe was eager to teach you and it is in these lessons you will reap newfound blessings in the new beginnings embarking your way.

 Whether you left your job, got a new one there is a beautiful reason behind it all. If you have the time I would like to share some tips on how to keep the energetic momentum going.

In our mind, body, and soul tarot deck I pulled a few cards to guide us on this insight.

As I stated before, closures are happening and yes it may be easier for me to type it than what you may be experience but amidst any chaos you may be experiencing know that the Source within you has a reason for it all. 

In this time this is when your creativity is key. Creativity derives from the Sacral Chakra. As we experience emotions it is the sacral chakra that allows us to transmute the energy into beautiful ways now with that in mind here's the message:

There lies something so beautiful inside of you, and this gift is something you know of. Your inner child is very fond of this gift but as life was life-ing you may have pushed its desire into the back of your mind. Well, it is time to bring it to the forefront. The stagnancy of such energy cannot exist anymore and that is why you are experiencing such change to re-align with the true essence of SELF.

If you are not sure of this gift right away it is okay, instead use this time to connect with friends and loved ones as well as the increased high vibrations will bring you the support you are seeking. Now keep in mind you may be celebrating the holidays then out of nowhere you receive an intuitive download of what your next move should be...that is the support I am speaking of- spiritual.

If this gift is one you never actively pursued know that you are given the green light for pursuit in your newest beginnings. As you begin moving towards your heart endeavors you will find yourself tapped into your Source energy. Whenever we create ultimately we are moving in creation energy which derives from the Source. With your creations the Universe is offering you the opportunity to place an impact on this world in your newest beginnings. That means you are receiving these downloads because there is a special plan that your creation will be a part of- always a  divine plan.

Now, I'll be honest it may take a while to see the immediate reaping of the harvest but know that as you careful plant a nurture these seeds you will find yourself creating the reality of your dreams in the long-term.

Closing out, you have done very well in the physical real but as you explore these new creations you will experience the depth that the mind and soul also brings into the alignment.

Keep in mind, your endeavors do not need to finish to claim your alignment as meditation helps to bring clarity to the mind as well. Learn to meditate with me here.

It is always a pleasure! Until next alignment I'm Ti3rc3 - no "e's" only "3" for alignment.


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