Frequencies: Aligning with Your Dreams

Frequencies: Aligning with Your Dreams

On this journey of life, the essence of what we experience is on a frequency/vibration. It is because we and the experience share the same frequency that alignment may exist.

Our mind is a powerful tool that has a purposeful impact on the frequency we possess as well. When we think with limitations our reality presents itself on the frequency of such limitation.

Have you ever experienced heartbreak? In the initial phase after the breakup, we can feel as though our whole life has come crumbling down and nothing else can bring us to a state of euphoria again.

Sidenote: Always be grateful for those moments as you are building the ultimate resilience that will bring a longevity of happiness on the journey moving forward.

After the stages of grieving have passed we can notice that a new outlook of life has began and we are ready to move with a sense of freedom knowing that the worst has already passed.

Did it pass, or did your frequency heighten?

Though both changes are significant it is best we view this transformation from the perspective of frequency. An ascension of mindset has taken place. Granted it began as a death, the feeling of everything being lost but it is in death that the phoenix rises from the ashes.

In this next quantum leap of reality newfound wisdom is possessed that helps us to navigate confidently on our journey. At times in the journey the past will return whether through the assistance of a Mercury Retrograde or a closure aligning and it is in those moments that the frequency we are aligned in will support success.

A higher frequency results in the mindset of enlightenment. One can never lose anything outside of them because they overstand that all is already within them. Within us all dwells the Source of all creation and to truly find sovereignty in your divine creation is the highest form of love we can give ourselves.

You are not meant to conform your morals and values to fit into a space that you are bigger than. Always remember!

On this journey we will encounter countless frequencies and it is all help us to acquire knowledge to make the clear decision of where we want to designate our end destination which holds our highest dreams and aspirations.

The best way to navigate through the frequencies is by embodying a vibration that sets you above the fray. Luckily, at you are in the right place.

The dream you have is valid, believe to embody the frequency and move as it already is.

In the meantime keep winning on this journey and check out my latest song ,”Frequencies” out now and available on all streaming platforms.

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