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Navigating in the Energy Fields

In this experience of life, it is very common to meet with “opposite” forces that will waste no time in their attempt to “critique” ONE. These vessels are also known commonly as “naysayers” and “hacklers”.

Believe it or not all vessels share a connection on this physical plane. As one ascends in life it is not to place them on a pedestal and envy their achievements but to see that vessel and ACKNOWLEDGE that the same is capable for SELF also.

Everything is ENERGY indeed, but overstand that energy isn't stagnate to one field. While all of us are in the same physical realm, each vessel is operating at a different frequency.

ONE's vibration may be higher than their counterpart but that does not entail that they are more superior than the lower that just creates the awareness so vibrations are given the opportunity to elevate.

The purpose of an elevated stage is to shine light for all to see correct? Most of the times the vessel speaking is addressing their journey- and even if they are not, it is upon the power of the inner SELF to decipher the message. To decipher the awareness is to allow AWARENESS to begin! If all vessels are connected through energy than its only proves that someone at a higher vibration was once in a lower state as well.

In life the common vessel will look at one's success and dismay their own in the caged illusion of COMPETITION. Competition is what the vessel experiences at a lower frequency vibration. In a higher frequency the vessel will come to know through SELF that time is not their rush and they will achieve their success when their timing has arrived, leading to COOPERATION.

So to the vessels out there stepping out their comfort zone daily to accomplish their newest task in the unknown, know that you are on the CORRECT PATH. The universe is designed to balance energies in our path so as ONE step in their truth alignment will also bring vessels in your path to test ONE's stance of TRUTH.

Will ONE stand in truth, or crumble?  The choice is always SELF. Choose to elevate in frequency and keep focus on ASCENSION.

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