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Storm - Amongst It

Ever notice the rainbow? The strips of many colors combined to form a beautiful arch from one side of the world to the other-the bridge.

What is foretold at the end of that rainbow? A pot of gold! What is gold to you? Gold indeed represents the ROYALTY which we all derive from so a mere explanation of receiving coins will not suffice.

Gold is HAPPINESS eternal, because when ONE leads with happiness all other aspects are now in the perspective of happiness. Get it? Becoming happier on the job invites more engagement that leads to stronger focus on improvements that later becomes a pay increase or even a whole new ELEVATED transition!

That is the 3ND of the rainbow -  but let’s focus upon the times of the storm, before the rain even clears.

In a rainbow the color that is represented on the physical plane is actually the display of every color EXCEPT that color! That means when ONE views Blue the spectrum includes every color except blue and that is why blue is now displayed.

 Utilizing that information, I will explain the beauty of “darkness”. The term is in quotation marks because it is only an illusion! If darkness is in the visual perspective of being dark then it is actually LIGHT!

Light? Make it make sense right? Indeed, in the experience of life we all navigate in this journey in hopes of becoming happy, through the achievement of our goals towards dreams. Well, we are not privy to INSTANT GRATIFICATION so the universe will PREPARE ONE for their journey in order to equip them with the wisdom and experience their dream requires. This journey of discovery to obtain value has the perspective of being the opposite of light.

Love can’t be truly appreciated without the experience of heartbreak. Material gains cannot be valued without the period of struggle.  Happiness cannot be valued without the experience of all other emotions - combine all these lessons together and ONE is more than prepared in armor to conquer anything in their path to obtain that end goal!

Evolution does not happen overnight and it is indeed everlasting and ongoing. As vessels here on Earth we are constantly advancing, so new training experiences will manifest on path to prepare for the CALIBRATION. Calibration leads to VICTORY as ONE has made it out the storm thanks to that beautiful armor the universe has aided in creation of and as the rain slows down on the pouring, the rainbow is now revealed. 

Rain is water and water is purification - so to see rain pouring is to also experience showers of BLESSINGS! Whatever was taken away during the process of the storm’s combat will return tenfold when the rainbow arrives due to the new level of ELEVATION attained. If physical love was taken, did ONE learn to love themselves’ from WITHIN first? If social circles were taken, did ONE learn to declare their truth unapologetically? If material possessions were taken, did ONE learn to create happiness ORGANICALLY?

Anything taken in times of storm is always a blessing in DISGUISE. In divine timing as ONE walks amongst the storm and absorbs all knowledge needed to prepare for their journey that is when the spectrum dials down and now LIGHT is exposed!

Nothing in your path is too strong to handle because it is a path CRAFTED just for you! Keeping that in mind, please EMBRACE THE STORM it gets better I assure you.

Until next alignment…

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