Grandest Awakening to ALL

Welcome to Informal Matters777 as I am very GR8ful to open my passions for all to benefit from.

On this site ONE may have already became aware that the culture here is UNIQU3. It is indeed and allow me to explain why:


I am Ti3rce (Fierce with a "T") because I have experienced this place called life just as you and have discovered and the flaws that exist. I witnessed the injustice of the vessels who have done everything of integrity and morally in alignment but they were still treated as if less. Watching was not a solution, speaking up was not the solution, helping in that moment was not a solution either.

The solution was learning through discipline and studies of the unknown how to aid ONE in the achievement of attaining the HIGHER SELF that to the public years ago was just a mere legend. The solution was refraining from the physical desires and stripping of material possessions to discover indeed for a fact who the SELF was without aided ATTACHMENT.

Now I am not here to mention that is what ONE has to do but I mention so ONE is privileged of the sacrifice I welcome to ensure success in my endeavors. I fast constantly along with a high vibration LIVET(opposite of "diet”) so my energy is at a higher frequency to be in the proper position of SERVING others. I dreamed long ago of a world where each vessel (person) is able to live out the life of their desire no matter their upbringing.


"I am poetic in my talk, rhythmic in my walk and ready to write on stone, so don't pass the chalk! I love to laugh and definitely smile! I love to LOVE and always keep my flame around."


Flame is PASSION, I knew long ago that if ONE do what they love then they will never have to chase what they want - do what you love and your wants will CHASE you! Now that I have mastered that skill I have dedicated my presence on this world in aiding others in discovering theirs.

The end result makes every obstacle in the journey worth it because the obstacles are GUARANTEED to built each of us in the armor we wish to have. As a skilled Reiki Practitioner all of my work is respected as HOLISTIC.


The body is referred to as a vessel here at Informal Matters 777 because we are each in SPIRIT first placed into our vessel to experience life. The vessel is where our limitations are derived because through imbalanced chakras ONE will forget the strength of the SPIRIT. If the vessel is the physical form then the spiritual form of SELF is LIMITLESS. (SELF also refers to SPIRIT).

In accordance to the studies of Numerology some words, such as "E" is replaced with "3" for representation of alignment. Language is in many forms and the language here at Informal Matters 777 speaks to the SELF first to awaken the spirit. Awaken is to acknowledge SELF in its TRUTH.


The spirituality at Informal Matters 777 does not dismiss any religion. The truth is there is no feud with religion but due to the mass population, to claim a religion will be closing the door on many other vessels who are privileged to this knowledge. Spirituality is the connection personally with oneself and a higher power. Religion entails more of an institution and community. A spiritual vessel can be religious and a religious vessel can be spiritual it is just the stigma that steers vessels away from the truth. Through my spiritual studies it became more than apparent that the origins of all religions had the same connection - to a HIGHER POW3R. All religions are welcome to use my tools as my connection is purely to the SOURCE of all!


Latest Creation is always ONGOING, so thanks for checking out this section and feel free to get your BROWSE on, until next ALIGNMENT...