New Year, Newer Self

New Year, Newer Self

It’s that time of year again…the end of the cycle!

As the season of holidays take place we are all greeted with the anticipation of the upcoming New Year. What comes with the New Year? Resolution.

What is it that we seek to resolve that we haven’t completed in the previous year? What growth do we declare that stagnated the previous year? Whatever our yearly desires become, it requires a transition from WITHIN.

All of our goals are connected to an elevated version of ourselves. That elevated version is known as the HIgher Self. The self contains all that we can imagine with the omission of flaws the vessel experiences.

Studies have proven that most vessels do not follow through on their New Year’s Resolution and fail within the first projected month, want to know why?

The desired version of self we hope to know exists, and to access the power of spiritual awakening that requires shedding some old aspects of the vessel. That’s the part right there! The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow, but to follow the rainbow it may require one to walk through some questionable terrain. Muddy, cloudy, and other foreseen illusioned obstacles that are positioned to prepare the self for its grandest awakening yet! The goal is to get one out of their comfort. If one is comfortable then that proves growing has come to a halt. 

How to change that? Make thy SELF uncomfortable! The only party who will have an issue of discomfort initially will be the vessel, as the higher self has been AWAITING this moment since touching down on Earth. The key to growth successfully is to take strides one day at a time. If at this moment the vessel has no formal education but wants to achieve establishment as a successful doctor then rest assured it is possible as long as the vessel is not overwhelmed.

Once overwhelmed, the vessel tends to be ready to throw in the towel. While that towel is being thrown in the Higher Self is watching and saying ,”..another year it is”.

No. no more waiting. Not another year. What will take place instead is the nurturing of skills and talent, one day at a time. 

We all have an end goal and also a tendency to believe that that goal will come to fruition overnight. Proper balance requires that ONE has fun during the pursuit of dreams also so positivity will accompany on path. Each day instead, set small goals that are to continuously build into the desired end result.

Set 3 short term goals daily along with 2 long term goals. This was taught by a fellow vessel. Before you know it, when months go by and you happen to reflect because you have been riding this journey in the New Year and it feels like a breeze, you’ll come to realize how much of your goal was accomplished while having fun in the process!

Yes, 2022 is coming and that details COOPERATION & BALANCE to the highest degree! Set those intentions, but this time INITIATE the balance and watch those desires SOAR.

Stay blessed, and grateful to share this read may it guide you in this journey!

…Until next alignment.

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