Collection: Designed To Win

"Made by design" is the famous quote, but what if I told you we were all DESIGNED in fact to WIN?

That's the thing - we are sent here on Earth to experience LIFE, and granted the Universe provides its BALANCES we each are already designed with strength in various forms to accomplish this game of life in our FAVOR.

Favor in accordance to each vessel varies and that's the BEST part! Our interpretation of winning differentiates among each uniquely created vessel. When another fail to see ONE's vision that is a blessing because that means only that SELF is privileged to decode the encrypted message!

Excitement is natural here at Informal Matters777 because the time has come to hand out these TROPHIES.

In this collection not only will these newest crystal tools guide you to your win but it will have you turning heads in the process because though its okay to keep it humble, by all means allow the ENERGY to speak for itself!

Thank you, thank you for stopping by and the EYE already foretells of your continuously BL3SSED journey.

...until next ALIGNMENT...

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