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Informal Matters 777

💥Kyanite Stacked Angel Number Set

💥Kyanite Stacked Angel Number Set

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Angel Number “111”

Move in this journey with grace💫

Ever notice recurring numbers? Are they a coincidence or a message from the universe? Let’s call these angel numbers. The repetition of a number means increased power of its value. 


Enjoy this necklace and bracelet set from Informal Matters 777☀️ This set includes a choker style white jade necklace, a kyanite angel number necklace, along with a white jade, kyanite, and aquamarine bracelet.

White jade is known to purify the aura, cleansing the chakras and releasing what no longer positively serves. Kyanite opens the throat chakra allowing the Self within to move in truth and conviction. This is great for liberating oneself from emotional attachments. Aquamarine  allows for the experience of flowing like water. Find serenity in renting calm throughout your experience within your journey.

Informal Matters 777 crafted this set with the intention to move towards one’s highest dreams and aspirations while fearlessly calling forth your power while releasing all that no longer serves. As you keep moving in your truth allow the white jade to provide clarity within your energy field as you make room to invite more growth in your life.

What’s your favorite number? Enjoy the option of choosing the combination that aligns with you. Made with gold links this set serves the perfect one size fits all.

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