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Informal Matters 777

🕊️Freedom Box🎁

🕊️Freedom Box🎁

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At Informal Matters 777 the main objective we have is to provide assurance that everyone is special in their own unique way.

Honestly it’s a pleasure to provide tools to others discover their truth on this journey of life but you deserve a one of a kind piece. 

Thanks for stopping by.

The Freedom Box is a box that will be curated specifically for you✨ Each box ensures a candle packed with lovely aromas to bring aromatic healing along with a sample of healing oils. These oils are holistic in nature and is great for use on any occasion. 

That takes care of the aroma therapy provided in the box and now let’s talk about the benefits of obtaining three different crystal pieces as well.

Each crystal piece included in the box will be one of a kind. That’s means it will include a design not available publicly on our site. That’s what makes this box so unique in its own freedom dedicated to you💫

What will also be included is a fact sheet providing a description for all the products that were curated especially for you and how to exercise the best practices to ensure the quality.

It’s a pleasure to serve you on this journey🤍✨

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