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Direct Healing Session (6 Hours)

Direct Healing Session (6 Hours)

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Here at Informal Matters777 we believe in giving our ALL the first time around so theres no need of coming back. With that in mind, when booking this 6 hour session, as a client- ONE will receive not only a Reiki hands-on healing session but also will be incorporated into our healing after session to help navigate the cleansing of the vessel through the aftermath of unblocked chakras.

A therapeautic NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) session is included also along with the creation of customized crystal tools. Receive a personalized mantra in the form of music to help navigate in your well awaited alignment and even shimmy the  positivity in with a healing dance session also!

For six hours, your matter will be informal but at the end of our session you will be wrapping it up formally in your truth! We like to call this a DEEP one-on-one HEALING! Book today and begin your best alignment. Must book 48 hours in advance minimum.

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