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DTW Elegant Tiger

DTW Elegant Tiger

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Designed by Reiki Master Ti3rc3.

From Our Designed To Win Collection, a W!NNER is declared!

This design is varied from our Hello Dreams  collection as more emphasis is placed on Hematite to ensure that healing and attraction is taking place within the SELF.

Life can have a tendency to transform on many aspects all at ONCE providing the vessel with a feeling of tension when indeed it is just the experience of ASCENSION. To step out from the parts of prior self that no longer POSITIVELY serves.

During this transition allow the SELF to remain calm as Tigers Eye brings support of the INNER STRENGTH.

The tiger spirit animal represents immortality so utilize that knowledge to know that whatever the situation you are experiencing you are more than equipped to overcome in your favor! The universe never deals out to ONE unless they are already privy to the outcome, which is you at that finish line!

Continue your race and BLACK OBSIDIAN is coming through as if the flow of water to REPL3NISH the SELF as it blocks out what no longer positively serves.

"Call to operator- you got this, so let's continue winning!"

*Animal emblem will vary based on manifestation needs.

*Average is the size of image displayed.

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