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DTW Grounded in JOY bracelet

DTW Grounded in JOY bracelet

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Designed by Reiki Master Ti3rc3.

From Our Designed To Win Collection, a W!NNER is declared!

This is our bracelet only from our FIRST Yin & Yang set.

Inspired by the energy of the feminine - embody the qualites of reception, passiveness, contractiveness, intuition, and inwardness. Utilize this knowledge to OVERSTAND that energies are not privileged to the gender of the vessel. This tool may be applied to he/she/they!

With that in mind you are invited to allow JOY to AMPLIFY in your life with DALMATIAN, a jasper that aids in bringing out the INNER CHILD! Who says just because adulthood has arrived that fun can no longer exist? That illusion is rebuked at Informal Matters777.

Be who you are and BE SELF well. You deserve this enhancement in life and all is well as the worries of tomorrow fade away with TIGERS EYE and anything not pure to the SELF is flushed out with WHITE JADE and it shall SUSTAIN as RED CARNELIAN grounds that same beautiful, immaculate SELF here on the physical real so the growth is visual.

The fox emblems represents the spirit animal as the fox is very charismatic and adorable when ready to embrace allowing volumes to be spoken on in personality.

Of course you will win, but this time in STYLE and most importantly you're way.

*Average is the size of the image shown.

*See Sets to pair with necklace.


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