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DTW L0V3 HarmonizeR

DTW L0V3 HarmonizeR

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Designed by Reiki Master Ti3rc3.

From Our Designed To Win Collection, a W!NNER is declared!

Love is what allows the heart to FLOURISH. Love is available to all. Love is more than the connection to another vessel. Love begins WITHIN.

SELF- love is the BEST love that’s  out here! We attract the reality we create in our mind so loving yourself within is the CATALYST to attracting all values of love into your life. Love brings in success, which leads to ONE's definition of wealth. Just know that once SELF is wealthy in love - SELF is wealthy!

Allow HOWLITE to usher in all vibes POSITIVE to bring clarity to the love that ROSE QUARTZ support. Sweeping behind them comes GOLD SHEEN OBSIDIAN to cleanse the blockages of the Solar Plexus Chakra so the light within may shine. Lastly compassion is tied by PINK BLACK RHODINITE as emotional wounds and scars of the past are balanced out through healing.

The power of others will no longer be asserted over you. Not only are you claiming it back but you are also nuturing yourself during the process. You are more than worthy of all blessings coming your way! We love you but most importantly YOU love YOU!

*Animal emblem varies based on manifestation needs.

*Average is size displayed in image shown.

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