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Designed by Reiki Master Ti3rc3.

From Our Designed To Win Collection, a W!NNER is declared!

This lovely crystal tool differs from the Hello Dreams collection in fact that it does not possess white jade.

For those who have done the DEEP CLEANING and now is ready to forge in full sprint towards the finish line of their heart's desires then this is the tool for you!

GREEN JADE unblocks the heart chakra - the physical connector of our HIGHER SELF and unlocks the STRENGTH of the heart. Utilizing that knowledge, what can slow down an EXPRESSED heart?...NOTHING because that is the expression of ONE's truth as well!

Positive vibes and clarity sponsored by HOWLITE as HEMATITE aids in the healing and attraction of all things to positively serve SELF in manifestation needs.

Pursue your passions is the message here! Allow no obstacle to hinder you in any way and step forward knowing that you are designed to be you for a reason and whatever can't support that can no longer benefit at this time as you connect to the HIGHER SELF.

The heart on the sleeve is a superpower - are you ready to AWAKEN?


*Animal emblem will vary based on manifestation needs.

*Large is the size displayed in image shown.

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