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Informal Matters 777

Imperial Perception

Imperial Perception

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Made with Imperial Jasper, White Jade, and Blue Kyanite.


Imperial Jasper is the crystal to step forward on new beginnings. When you have evolved within it is time for the transformation to be reflected without. Imperial Jasper allows you to embody a fresh new slate, even with those who always experienced you!


White Jade purifies the aura to release any energy that no longer positively serves while protecting the Self from outdated outlines once resonates with.


While stepping forward on your re-ignited path Blue Kyanite brings alignment to the throat and third eye chakra. Courageously speak your truth no matter what environment is presented.


This bracelet is great if you are revisiting a place, going to work or have to be in a place in your journey where you feel initially uncomfortable with where you are (this could be due to others). Have confidence knowing your intuition will guide you through any obstacle so it finishes in your highest favor!


Zodiac emblem included, please comment your preferred zodiac emblem at checkout. Available in all sizes.

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