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Informal Matters 777

Mala/Prayer Beads

Mala/Prayer Beads

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✨Mala beads are known for their unique way of harnessing energy. 

🌈At Informal Matters 777 we created our first set of unique prayer beads to amplify the energy within.

Also known as prayer beads, these beads are great at directing the mind into your properly favored reality.  Made of 108 beads it is known that during meditation, starting with the bead with flaw, you may begin chanting a mantra/affirmation as you touch each bead.

This repetition helps to instill awareness into your mind so that your focus is where you would like it to be. The mind is a powerful tool and when we learn to harness it we can begin experiencing shifts in our reality.

After charging the beads with your prayer and energy, where it with you in your everyday activities or simply carry it on your person. The beauty is in the charge, it is done with your own energy, and believe us your energy is majestic✨

Available in one size.

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