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Purity of Heart Set

Purity of Heart Set

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Designed by Reiki Master Ti3rc3.

What does it require to be pure of heart? To align clarity on this passage Informalmatters777 wants you to overstand purity does not mean perfection.


In our vessels we are still privileged to human error and flaw but it is with a pure heart we are able to use awareness in bringing acceptance and even correcting mistakes within our truth.


Inspired by the purity of Jesus this set embodies the significance of the cross he sacrificed on.


GREEN JADE opens up the heart chakra so the purity of the soul may become presence on the physical realm. ensure assistance in attraction with HEMATITE. As the heart purifies HOWLITE ushers in more clarity and positive vibrations to uplift the heart so IMPERIAL JASPER may set the re-calibrated energy onto NEW BEGINNINGS.


After initiating such a cleanse WHITE JADE sticks around to constantly filter the aura for purification as the SELF steps into the unknown.


All has always been well but it will definitely continue because once a pure heart is UNLOCKED- all blessings are FR33 to flow!

*The necklace is standard size as shown for masculine and feminine energy! Bracelets include size variations listed below. Be blessed and keep winning!

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